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Leveraging decades of experience in the metal stamping industry, our highly-skilled team of die-setters are dedicated to producing complex, high-quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.


In an effort to maximize efficiency and cost-competitiveness, as well as to produce a high-quality product, JMS utilizes both Transfer Press (35 – 260 Ton) and Progressive Die Press (60 – 300 Ton) stamping technologies.


    • Transfer Presses – Transfer Press stamping technology utilizes the smallest “blank” of material needed to make a part, which translates into lower raw material costs.  Additionally, transfer-press tooling is comprised of several tooling components and the overall tool costs are generally lower than other stamping disciplines.
    • Progressive Die Presses – Progressive Die Press stamping technology, in general, affords greater production speeds which translates into lower part costs.  Another benefit of the Progressive Die stamping process is the ability to design complex tools with many stations (or operations) that will produce complex parts with many features.